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With OMV the days of having to sacrifice great taste and texture to enjoy plant protein are gone, with our legendary flavour profile OMV delivers a ridiculously epic organic sprouted protein blend. Easy to drink, easy to digest, actually its easy to become obsessed with.


Diabetic Suited - Gluten Free - Lactose Free Soy Free - Vegan - Vegetarian

We believe if you look after your body on the inside, the outside will look after itself. That’s why we’ve created OMV.

OMV Protein never compromises on clean ingredients. Our organic protein is made up of zerOH nasties, it is soy free, gluten free, non-GMO and has no artificial colour's, sweeteners, flavours, fillers or preservatives. Plus, the clean nutritional profile means you get what you want with nothing but wholesome goodness. While tasting amazing OMV Protein supply's over 23 grams of protein, virtually zero sugars while supporting digestion and gut health as it is boosted with pre & probiotics, vitamin C and essential B vitamins, with an added 26 vitamins and minerals the OMV shake additionally contributes to the upkeep of your immune system and keeps your hair, skin and nails healthy!

OMV Protein Blend: The carefully selected blend of sprouted organic VEGAN proteins have been chosen to supply the best amino acid profile, whilst also being highly absorbable and taste great! The high protein content will aid the maintenance and development of lean muscle mass.


OMV Vitamin & Mineral Blend: Packed with  26 vitamins and minerals to support overall health.


OMV Protein Friendly Bacteria Blend: Loaded with1 billion Bifidobacterium Bifidum CFU & 1 billion Lactobacillus Acidophilus CFU to promote a healthy gut and overall wellbeing.

D-biotin: Strengthens hair and nails. Research shows deficiency in biotin will cause hair loss. Biotin is also shown to support your metabolism, lower cholesterol and also regulate blood sugar.

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