Shredders Wheyis a super versatile protein shake that you can use anytime day or night. Have it as a post workout recovery shake, enjoy it as the most tastiest meal replacement, even whip it up as a frappe or sprinkle it through your cooked oats to enhance the taste and protein content.

As A Shake On The Go
To a shaker bottle, add approx 300ml of cold water, then add 1 Scoop of Shredders Whey, shake and enjoy.
Hint: Adjust the amount of water for your desired taste and consistency. Less water will give a stronger flavour and thicker consistency like a thick shake. 
As A Frappe
To a blender, add a heap of ice cubes, add cold water, then add 1 Scoop of Shredders Whey, blend to desired consistency and enjoy. 
Protein Oats
To enhance your oats with a protein hit and flavour, sprinkle one scoop of Shredders Whey on top of your cooked oats and enjoy