Apply Shredded Thermogenic Cream™ to your chosen areas, coating desired areas without rubbing it into the skin. 

We highly recommend applying it before starting your workout session,
and if product wears off due to excessive sweating during your workout, you can choose to apply more.

Shredded Thermogenic Cream™ is ideal for 'more fatty areas like love handles, hips, belly, lower back, arms, butt and of course thighs - but it is also amazing to be used for completive fitness shows to assist in further drying out the applied area like the abs, lower back and any area you wish.

Shredded Thermogenic Cream™ can be used under workout clothing, in an infrared or dry sauna, and also while swimming. We also recommend applying it after a warm shower to allow rapid absorption. 

Important Note: For best results, avoid using any other type of other topical cream including body lotion. Store the product in a cool dry place and keep out of direct sunlight.