First thing when you wake-up on an empty stomach, or at some point before breaking your fast. ADD 1 SCOOP INTO 250ML COLD WATER, SHAKE / STIR UNTIL DISSOLVED AND DRINK IMMEDIATELY. If you workout in the morning use your AM scoop as your pre-workout.



Take a second serve as an afternoon pick-me-up to increase energy and focus or as a pre-workout to power you through your training session. ADD 1 SCOOP INTO 250ML COLD WATER, SHAKE / STIR UNTIL DISSOLVED. 


Remeber: SHREDDED, Cut, Jacked & Dry™ has caffeine and other stimulants, please be mindful of the time you take it as taking it to close to bedtime will keep you awake at night. We also recommend that you only take SHREDDED, Cut, Jacked & Dry™ 6 days per week, and take 1 day off to re-set in-case a tolerance to caffeine is built up and or to eliminate adrenal fatigue from consuming to much stimulants like coffee, other pre-workouts and caffeinated beverages.