Isn't it time you got rid of that standard amino powder and delight your senses with our multi-purpose extremely tasty protein alternative SLURPME Amino drink mix?

Enjoy SLURPME Amino's around the clock as a phenomenal alternative to protein shakes and sugary sports drinks or juices. We sip ours at the gym, the office and even with the squad before and after a night out. Yep you read right, SLURPME Amino's wont only assist with muscle repair and growth it will assist with hangovers.

You don't have to be a gym warrior or fitness enthusiast to benefit from our one of a kind SLURPME Amino's drink mix as it is perfect for everyone from youths to the elderly, don’t reach for a sports drink that is packed with loads of sugar and a bunch of calories reach for SLUPRME instead.

SLURPME Amino's contains 13 delicious grams of amino acids in each serving this unique amino drink mix is made to not only quench the thirst of active bodies but to also completely satisfy your taste buds. Made with 100% zerOH nasty's, that's right all this yum with only natural sweeteners, color's and flavours. This refreshing drink mix has all the nutrients you need to perform at your best with a tasty, delicious twist.

SLURPME Amino is also packed with 9 premium-quality plant based amino acids, incase you didn't know: amino acids are the building blocks of protein and protein is a crucial macronutrient that fuels your cells and powers your body. More specifically, It’s the building block of nearly everything that makes you, you! That includes your bones, muscles, cartilage and plenty more..

We all struggle to drink enough water throughout our busy days, so get to it and put this delicious 100% natural all good for you powder in your water bottle to refuel yourself with so much goodness and zerOH nasty's.