How do you know if you should detox?  Should you cleanse?  Or maybe just start dieting?  Our bodies are great at telling us something is wrong, we just have to pay attention and know what is normal and what is not!  

Cravings all the time, bloating, fatigued no matter how much sleep you get, breakouts and other “normal” feelings, well really they are NOT normal!  You can feel good!  For a week I challenge you to record how you are feeling when you wake up, mid morning, at lunch, mid afternoon, and before bed.  If you have any of the symptoms below it might be time to cleanse? 


Sugar or carb cravings sporadically at any time of day!  

This could mean you need to cleanse and gain control of your blood sugar and stress hormones so that you can have a steady state of energy! 

Belly Fat that's just hard to lose! 

You may just have a diet filled with processed foods and sugar and are over eating! Your body has enough of those carbs and sugary foods to burn so it won’t be burning away that belly fat until you hit the restart button and start fresh! 


Nothing is moving! Are you drinking enough water? Plain good old water?  Or have you drowned yourself in artificial sweeteners, soda, juices, or even energy drinks?  Your body needs water to keep you regular!  Do a good hydrating low sugar cleanse can help! 

Bloating or Gas?

You might be eating things your body can not break down easily.  Causing a back up making you feel bloated or causing gas.  Or you could be lacking healthy vitamins and minerals and a well balanced diet to help balance your hormones and gut! 

Skin Problems, Mood swings, Low Energy, Irriability

Again with the lack of a  healthy diet, excessed processed foods, not enough water…. Well this cause hormone changes.  A rollacoaster of blood sugar causing mood swings, low drops in energy, and then you are hangry and irritable.

Balance your gut! This will in turn balance your hormones, emotions, brain function all leading to better moods, consistent energy, and you will finally see the progress you are working towards!

A good way to start is by simply getting in all those super greens, vitamins and minerals you need!  Our Superfoods is an amazing product to do all of this, 1 scoop equals 8 serves of green veggies.

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