Give your water a refreshing twist!

All Natural    99% Fat Free    Sugar Free    100% Vegan   Gluten-Free    Dairy Free     Soy-Free 

We have formulated this tea with two very important factors, to actually mildly work as a weight loss detox tea and to be 100% natural, and that is why we only use the most clinically studied teas that have been proven to assist in weight loss and detox

Black Tea | White Tea | Green Tea
Fennel Tea | Oolong Tea | Dandelion Tea
We have also carefully selected active ingredients, Hydroxy Citric Acid, African Mango, Green Coffee Bean, Nettle Root and Chromium Picolinate to further assist in the weight loss, appetite suppressing and excess water retention. 

To complete this unique weight loss tea, Shredders Teahas also been finished with Rose Hip & Hibiscus, as these two are great antioxidants that also assist with healthy immune support, inflammation and gut bacteria.

The benefits of Shredders Tea  dose not stop their, it also offers health benefits such as reducing cholesterol and acne, solving skin problems, this is why so many people refer to it as the "well-being tea". 

AS you can see, Shredders Tea is a superior tea blend to aid in healthy weight loss and well-being.