Now You Can Target "Stubborn Fat" Areas!

When you apply Shredded Thermogenic Cream™ it goes to work at burning fat through a triple pathway;

  1. Gradually increasing thermogenesis on the area applied.
  2. Internally breaking the fat cells down.
  3. Increased circulation to rid fat.

Being able to target these all so common and frustrating problem areas by substantially improving circulation and pushing fat burning ingredients into the cells gives you a more rapid fat burn to ultimately achieve your body goals sooner.

The amazing thing about Shredded Thermogenic Cream™ is that you simply apply it to the areas of choice and allow the formula to work its way deep into the skin, you don't even have to do anything more, you simply just go about your day as normal.


Thermogenic action is the process of generating energy in the body. This is archived several ways, applying a topical cream like Shredded Thermogenic Cream™, consuming a high quality fat burners like our Shredded Thermogenic Burner™, you can also achieve a natural thermogenesis through physical activities, your body releases heat by utilising stored calories. To burn more calories during a workout, the body must sustain enough thermogenic action without overheating the body, so by applying Shredded Thermogenic Cream™ to the skin prior or during thermogenesis you are giving yourself over 200% more fat burn on the areas applied. 

Even though Shredded Thermogenic Cream™ is great on its own,  if you are serious and want super fast results we highly recommend combining it with Shredded Thermogenic Burner™ , combining the two you get as much as 450% more thermogenesis giving you the most from your weight loss journey.


Notice: When using this remarkable formula, some people can actually feel the product working, you may notice a warm sensation on the areas in which you applied Shredded Thermogenic Cream™.