It’s hard to get all the nutrients you need in a day to think, feel, and perform at your best. It is even harder if you are an athlete, busy throughout the day or a person who experiences more stress than most others and whose nutritional needs are greater for those people, supplementation is practically a necessity.

Lets face it we don’t always eat the right foods and don't always have a balanced diet, but we still need our body to function at its very best each day.

The answer is our MULTI-Plus System™ a collection of essential and clinically-studied Vitamins, Minerals and other botanical nutrients that have been shown to be beneficial all together in one place. MULTI-Plus System™ is the new era of multivitamins, combining several of Shredders Nutrition' best-in-class formulas all-in-one product which is specifically balanced to support the brain, bones, joints, tendons, aid mood, energy, and immune health.

On top of supplying your daily required Vitamins & Minerals, our MULTI-Plus System blend also supplies you with EFA Blend for fatty acids and a Antioxidants Super Fruit Complex to assist your cells against free radicals, a Bye Bye Dark Eye Blend for dark circle reduction and last but definitely not least a Anti-Age Skin Boosting Blend.

MULTI-Plus System™ Is A Halal Safe Product