Product 1:

Superfoods™ is an all-in-one Revitalising Wholefoods Formula consisting of 5 transparent blends loaded with over 40 crucial ingredients to provide you with some of the planet’s healthiest nutrients.  Each scoop is equivalent to over 8 serves of fruit & vegetables, this equates to an edible proportion of approximately 700g of fruits and vegetables!


Product 2:

Our MULTI-Plus System™ is a specifically formulated vitamin, mineral & nutrient supplement that helps enhance mental & physical performance as well as total well being from inside out, head to toe with our EFA Blend, Antioxidants Super Fruit Complex, Bye Bye Dark Eye Blend, Anti-Age Skin Boosting Blend and finished off with a daily dose of calcium. 


Product 3:

If you want to burn calories even when just sitting on the sofa watching Netflix you need a true clinically backed fat burner - you need SHREDDED, Cut, Jacked & Dry™

SHREDDED, Cut, Jacked & Dry™ is Pharmacist Formulated with 25 clinically proven ingredients to SKYROCKET YOUR FAT BURN RATE - LONG TERM!

On top of the incredible rapid fat burn, it will crush your appetite, transfer fat as energy to increase your endurance and boost athletic performance all while increasing good endorphins and mental clarity. 

Finally a Pharmacist Formulated drink mix product using the most cutting edge weight-loss ingredients to BURN FAT FAST! 


Product 4:

The Shredders Nutrition Weight Loss Program is a lifestyle enhancer strategically developed by our Founder & CEO Matthew J Coorey who is a leading Transformation Coach & Sports Nutrition Specialist.

This program is an easy to follow 7 day weight loss meal plan designed to still be filled with flavour & variety that will make it easy for you to stick to, on top of the meal plan you will also be armed with workouts that include HIIT, steady-state cardio, resistance training and metabolic circuits. All the training is easy to follow and will be based off you not requiring any equipment, so you are able to do it at home or the gym with no excuses.


Superfoods™ - Available in Mild Pineapple Flavour Only

SHREDDED, Cut, Jacked & Dry™ - Available In 4 Delicious Flavours

MULTI-Plus System™ - 30 packs consisting of 3 capsules/tablets per pack