If you find supplements don't seem to agree with you and upset your stomach or if you are simply looking for a natural product to mildly assist with healthy steady weight loss results, without crash dieting or side effects, Shredders Nutrition Green Coffee Bean is the answer. It is 100% natural and does not contain harmful chemicals or any other ingredients, it consist of 1 ingredient - just pure 100% Svetol®.

Shredders Nutrition Green Coffee Bean is that good that it is one of our key ingredients in our Shredded Cut Jacked & Dry fat burner as it boast high levels of chlorogenic acid, a polyphenol antioxidant that promotes weight loss by reducing the absorption of fat and glucose in the gut while lowering insulin levels to improve metabolic function.

Millions of consumers have already used Svetol® as a safe and effective natural solution. By using Shredders Nutrition Green Coffee Bean you can rest assured as it is backed by 9 published scientific studies that support its beneficial effects on healthy weight management. 

Svetol® Clinical trial results: In a randomized, double blind, parallel study performed with 50 people, the participants lost an average of 11 pounds (5 kilos) over 2 months.