Zane Lost Over 17kg with Shredded Cut Jacked & Dry

Name: Zane
Hometown: Bexley North, NSW
Before weight: 95.7kg / 211 lbs.
After weight: 78.9kg / 174 lbs.
Marital status: Single
Favorite healthy food: Avocado on toast
Favorite cheat food: Chocolate
Favorite gym or cardio exercise: Hiking
How your friends would describe you: Goofy and fun to be around!

My Transformation Story

During the first two years of Uni, I had gained extra weight. But, during the covid-19 lockdowns when a friend posted a picture of me I barely recognised myself, that’s when I realised something had to change. I Said to myself this is perfect time to make a change in my bad habits and set a goal, work hard toward it and to feel good about the way I look.

Thanks to a uni friends brother who knows Matthew the owner of Shredders Nutrition, I was able to get professional guidance directly from him and the results are I now am in control of my body. Willpower has always been hard for me, but throughout this journey Matthew mentored me and I now am strong enough to reach my goals.

Now, I recognise the guy in the pictures. More so, I’m proud of who he’s become inside and out. I’m feeling more confident than ever, and I can’t wait to go hiking and to the beach this summer — with my shirt off! Thank you so much Matthew! 


What’s Your Favourite Shredders Nutrition Product? Shredded Cut Jacked & Dry Grape Flavour

Zane used Shredded Cut Jacked & Dry® and Shredders Whey® with a Shredders Nutrition® custom diet and exercise program, and now he reaps the wards of his own hard work. People who have used Shredded Cut Jacked & Dry®  and Shredders Whey®  with a Shredders Nutrition® custom diet and exercise program in a 60-day study lost an average of 500-1000g per week. Results will vary. Some consumers have reported weight loss of over 2kg in a week



Hey I been using Oxyshred and don’t see weight loss with it. I have heard heaps about this shredded drink so I want to get it. What flavour is the best ??

Mandy October 27, 2020

Im keen to start a transformation with you guys. How do I start

Shane October 26, 2020

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