During the Covid-19 pandemic like many people around the world I was forced to work from home. Employed by one of the Australia's 'big 4" banks part of our work from home procedures to assist with mental wellbeing was we were required to allocate 30 minutes per day for physical exercise. I thought seeing I was 4 months away from my 35th birthday I thought I could possibly make some great change in my appearance so I contacted Shredders Nutrition to see if they were able to assist me in gaining muscle and becoming a more healthier me, I feel blessed that they did offer me direct assistance as my results are evident.

I truly believe without the Shredders Nutrition program my results would not be what they are, actually I know for a fact if I wasn't seeing weekly change I would of given up so I owe a lot to Shredders.


In the 14 weeks that I used the Shredders Nutrition program I went from 11% body fat to 6%, and gained 4kg of lean muscle mass in 14 weeks, I still cant believe I look the way I do.


Shredders Note: Brent pushed himself in the gym every single session and stayed accountable for his choices and the end results speaks for itself!


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That’s a really nice realistic transformation
He looks so happy too haha

I’m going to email you guys for help

Daryl November 23, 2020

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