Name: Phillip

Where do you live: Sydney, NSW Australia

Favourite cheat food: Cup cakes

Favourite healthy food: Baked salmon with sautéed veggies and brown rice

Favorite gym or cardio exercise: Weights and Basketball

One thing that people don’t know: The fact that I write everything down. From a weekly to-do list to my goals and things I wish to accomplish.

How your friends would describe you: Sarcastic in a good way, full of laughter and adventurous.


My Transformation Story

First off let me say if you’re serious about losing weight and want the body of your dreams drop everything you’re doing right now and go get the Shredders Nutrition® Weight Loss Program. I always dreamed about the body that I have now but never imagined I would actually obtain it. I saw Shredders Nutrition® all the time on Instagram and that’s what caught my attention. The people who were posting about it looked incredible so I was sold. The Shredders Nutrition® products are real deal, they really worked for me. A few of my friends are using Shredders Nutrition® now because they’ve seen how far I’ve come. Shredders Nutrition® has changed everything for me: my confidence, my discipline, my energy and my incredible body. I never thought I could really look this good by using the products. I’m still shocked.


What’s Your Favorite Shredders Nutrition Product/s:

For me Shredded Thermogenic Burner® and  the Shredders Whey® are my two go to products. I also used the Shredders Tea and the greens but in terms of what I believe got me in this condition, it is the Shredded Thermogenic Burner® and  the Shredders Whey®.

*People who have used Shredded Thermogenic Burner® with a balanced diet and exercise program in a 60-day study lost an average of 500-1000g per week. Results will vary. Some consumers have reported weight loss of over 2kg in a week

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