Name: Juliana
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Before weight: 68.5kg / 151 lbs.
After weight: 58kg / 129 lbs.
Marital status: Single
Favorite healthy food: Egg white and oats
Favorite cheat food: Chocolate cake
Favorite gym or cardio exercise: walking
How your friends would describe you: Energised fun lol


My Transformation Story

I’ve always been sceptical about taking any diet products. I heard about Shredders Nutrition® and speaking to the company through its Instagram page I decided to give it a try. Now I’m glad I did it because the proof shows! Shredded Cut Jacked & Dry®  is a tool to give you that push towards your body transformation. I was in a real unhappy place as I like so many stuck working from home and the weight was piling on, I needed to adapt a healthier lifestyle to set the tone for the rest of my life and the time was now or never. I love the feeling of accomplishment I have. It is fulfilling to see positive results from dedication and self-discipline. I am so grateful that the team at Shredders Nutrition are so helpful and I cant wait to start a new transformation under the guidance of them.


What’s Your Favourite Shredders Nutrition Product/s:

Juliana used Shredded Cut Jacked & Dry® with a Shredders Nutrition® custom diet and exercise program for 12 weeks, and now she reaps the rewards of her own hard work. People who have used Shredded Cut Jacked & Dry® with a balanced diet and exercise program in a 60-day study lost an average of 500-1000g per week. Results will vary. Some consumers have reported weight loss of over 2kg in a week

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