Where do you live: Brisbane, QLD

Before Weight: 61kg

Current Weight: 48kg

Occupation: Hair stylist

Favorite cheat food: Macaroni and cheese

Favorite healthy food: Chicken salad

Favorite gym or cardio exercise: Group fitness 

Favorite time to workout: Morning!

How would your friends describe you: Determined and full of life


My Transformation Story

I’ve wanted to get back on track for a year now. Weight loss is something that has been a factor for me my entire life. I’ve always struggled with weight so finding Shredded Cut Jacked & Dry really made it so much easier.

I was seeing seeing at least 1 kilos of weight loss a week and that alone got me more inspired. The Shredded drink mix gives you energy, this was great for me as I love working out early in the morning. I wake up have a scoop and shower and by the time I get the gym I honestly have so much energy I smash my session each time.

Seeing those before photos changed my life. It’s so easy to be in denial of where your weight is. I knew I had gained, but I wasn’t being honest with myself. The “before” photo reminded me why I started when I wanted to give up. 

What’s Your Favourite Shredders Nutrition Product/s: Shredded Cut Jacked & Dry


*People who have used Shredded Cut Jacked & Dry® with a balanced diet and exercise program in a 60-day study lost an average of 500-1000g per week. Results will vary. Some consumers have reported weight loss of over 2kg in a week 

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I just ordered my second tub of the shredded, I absolutely love it

Raquel October 27, 2020

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