I realised it was time for a change when I started struggling to perform active tasks. Then, after a major holiday binge last year, I realized I was at a potential tipping point.

At the beginning of my Shredders Nutrition journey, I only told a few close friends I was doing it. I wanted the results to be a surprise. I knew that if I was truly taking action, the results would speak for themselves. Whenever someone told me I looked different, it motivated me to keep going. 

Giving up some of the foods I love was the biggest challenge. But, I would allow myself one cheat meal a week. It’s amazing how diet plays such a huge part in weight loss. I used to work out so hard, but only eat junk food, and wouldn’t see any results. With help from Shredders and changing my diet, I started losing the kilos.

I’m not the only one who benefited from this weight loss, though. As a commander in the Army, there’s an expectation to lead the way with physical fitness. My soldiers have been asking my advice on how to get in better shape.

The advice I give is this — surround yourself with like-minded people. I found those people at the gym. And when temptation calls, just realize that that your goals are bigger than that slice of pizza, donut or beer. When you see the value behind your goals, temptation doesn’t stand a chance.



The results on everyone look real good. Im overweight and need to change my habits. I just ordered the program

Mel January 05, 2021

Great stuff. I just ordered the Shredded

Kye January 05, 2021

Hey guys I just ordered the complete weight loss program pack but wanted to change the flavour of the shredded. Please get back to me

Andrew November 16, 2020

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