The Shredders Nutrition Weight Loss Program is a lifestyle enhancer strategically developed by our Founder & CEO Matthew J Coorey who is a leading Transformation Coach & Sports Nutrition Specialist.

Following this weight loss program you will be guided through every day of the week towards a leaner, stronger and healthier body. You will get an easy to follow 7 day weight loss meal plan designed to still be filled with flavour & variety that will make it easy for you to stick to, on top of the meal plan you will also be armed with workouts that include HIIT, steady-state cardio, resistance training and metabolic circuits. All the training is easy to follow and will be based off you not requiring any equipment, so you are able to do it at home or the gym with no excuses.

Once you receive your program, you will be armed with powerful steps to have you on your way to weight loss success! 


*This program does not imply a guaranteed amount of weight loss. You need to stay accountable to get the results.


I just ordered this and looking forward to starting it Monday

Steve August 12, 2021

I just ordered this and looking forward to starting it Monday

Steve August 12, 2021

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Bryandrige April 24, 2021

When I bought my shredders program, I didn’t think that the results where going to be that fast a drastic and I have never had this results so fast with other supplements, it’s just amazing! I proudly recommend this program and the products because it help me trough my body goals and it will help my friends and anyone that are determine healthier life style.

Brian February 16, 2021

I just ordered the program. I cant wait to start it

Rach November 23, 2020

Just ordered the program. I as happy you had Sezzle to pay for it as i got the biggest pack. Can wait!!

Luke November 19, 2020

I purchased the shredded cut jacked and dry and that day I received a email from the company asking if I would like to be part of a few selected customers to receive a free program off them.

I feel so lucky that I was contacted by Shredders and given the opportunity as I love where I am physically and mentally. The program wasn’t near as bad as other ones I paid for. This program was so much more tasty and enjoyable. I got to work with Matthew and he had so much more tips and secrets compared to anyone else I had paid to help me. I cant wait to do another program to get even more results.

Jules October 29, 2020

I’m living proof that the program works. I have been guided by Matthew for a while now and I lost 17kg, check my story in the success story section.

I used the Shredded drink mix, the whey protein and had the custom program from Matthew aka Shredders owner. I assure you the supplements are amazing along with the program, it had included the brownies and make so its very easy to follow.

Zane October 29, 2020

Im interested in this. Please add me to your list to notify when available.

Mick October 29, 2020

Hey guys when is this going to be ready to purchase?? So keen!!

Nat October 29, 2020

Hey guys I would love to do a transformation with you.

Shane October 26, 2020

So excited for this ☺️🙌

Marissa Karailias October 25, 2020

I’m excited for this

Kenny October 24, 2020

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