You asked for it so we delivered.

OMV Protein never compromises on clean ingredients. Our organic protein is made up of zerOH nasties, it is soy free, gluten free, non-GMO and has no artificial colour's, sweeteners, flavours, fillers or preservatives.


I was huge vegan protein person before I got your whey protein. I’ll pre ordered the chocolate. Can you send a vanilla sample with it

Michael October 27, 2020

Epic. Will this be coming out with other flavours? Any samples?

Christian October 27, 2020

Love the look. Hope it taste as good as the shredded drink i have. Cant wait to get mine

Jennifer October 27, 2020

Amazing!! I subscribed to it every month. I was wondering can I change the flavour next month?? Cant wait fellas

Shane October 27, 2020

I love the shredders whey you make but I thought I would get this for my sister part of her Christmas present, I ordered 1 of each flavour woohoo

Britt October 27, 2020

I just ordered the vanilla and was wondering when the order gets sent can you also send me some chocolate samples?/

Lenny October 27, 2020

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