These days I am your typical middle-age-ish guy. I'm a few days away from turning 42, I have a moderately stressful job heading up Shredders Nutrition, I have an 18 year old daughter who finds me uncool and like most people middle-aged, I also have mortgages, bills, stresses and time restraints that can affect my day to day, and unfortunately that can open opportunity to allow that dreaded "Dad Bod" creep in. Aside from people asking me, “Where do you find the time to train?” The other questions I am most frequently asked is how do I stay in shape at my age, what supplements I use and finally, what is my diet like. So I wanted to take the time to give you my inside scoop of the importance of what I like to call "Lifestyle Products (supplements)" to keep that mum or dad bod at bay.



The "supplement" industry is definitely a confusing one with products and formulas intended to help consumers in all aspects of life, but when it comes to ageing, being athletic, fit and just feeling good there are some go-to products that I believe rise above all of the others. In my opinion, these are protein powders, collagen, and immune system support. I personally use Shredders Whey 100% Isolate Protein, SuperFoods and Multi-Plus, I use these everyday of the year and I would recommend them to anyone looking to keep their body fuelled with all the required goodness to function at your best, I am such a believer in them all that I would say anyone over 30 years of age should make these part of their daily staple.

Another amazing lifestyle product from the Shredders Nutrition range that I swear by and I use Monday to Friday is  Shredded Cut Jacked & Dry, I use this as my pre cardio booster to assist me burn any stored fat, to get me going for the day and keep hunger at bay for hours on end.



Protein powder, specifically Shredders Whey 100% Isolate Protein, is so crucial in my daily diet that I really consider it more like a food versus a supplement. A quick Google of protein will convince you that protein is the key “macronutrient” for building and maintaining muscle. Unlike carbohydrates, proteins are rarely seen by the body as “empty calories”, in fact they are needed calories. It’s sometimes a challenge to get enough protein into your daily diet, and this is where the convenience of protein powders comes in. Protein powders generally provide the body with large amounts of quality protein, but with little to no calories coming from carbs or fats. These powders make it easy to get the nutrients you need without any extra calories. I generally consume at least two protein shakes a day; this is a quick, easy, and the most tasty way to get a quality meal in on the go, at the gym, home, office or even on a flight (not that we can fly these days).



If protein powders transcend the supplement world and is more of a food to me, then I can honestly say that Collagen is the most important "Lifestyle Product" in my nutrition plan. To me, fighting middle-age means maintaining the same body composition I had in my prime as well as trying to keep my fresh younger looks as long as possible...collagen helps with all this and way more.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. It is the major component of connective tissues that make up several body parts, including tendons, ligaments, skin and muscles, collagen has many important functions, including providing your skin with structure and strengthening your bones. Consuming collagen will give so many health benefits, from relieving joint pain, prevent bone loss, boost muscle mass, promote heart health, to improving hair, skin and nail health and once we start getting over 25 our natural production of collagen diminishes, so to me collagen is honestly an unsung hero!!



It’s no secret that we are unfortunately living in the age of COVID-19 and everyone from physicians to TV reporters have been recommending things like zinc, vitamin c and other natural vitamins and minerals to supercharge everyone’s immune systems. If you are like me though, you have work responsibilities and a team in the office that makes isolation impossible. I believe that it is important to take these vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system as a preventative measure, particularly those of us working in an office environment during the coronavirus global pandemic. You should look for an all-in-one supplement exactly like Shredders Nutrition's Multi-Plus that contains all the above ingredients, and way more ingredients that have also been proven to help fight off colds, turn back the clock on aging as well as rid that terrible dark eye issue from to many late nights all while having huge support immune defence.



My days as a competitive bodybuilder who once use to compete with the use of enhancements and having the time to be lifting weights a minimum 90 minutes per day are way behind me, and since those days are so far gone I needed to adapt to a new way of life. I had to make lifestyle changes that would keep my body in a condition that I would not be embarrassed of. My answer was intermittent fasting and the lifestyle products mentioned above, but the one that I live by for keeping me in shape is  Shredded Cut Jacked & Dry. If you are like me and WANT TO BURN MORE CALORIES DURING YOUR DAY WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING DIFFERENT you to need Shredded Cut Jacked & Dry 

    Shredded, Cut, Jacked & Dry SKYROCKETS YOUR FAT BURN RATE - LONG TERM!
    • Clinically Verified Results
    • Increased Energy - Zero Crash 
    • Forces Your Body to Blast Fat Away
    • Fat Loss Achieved On Multiple Pathways
    • Suppress Your Appetite For Over 5 Hours
    • Packed With 25 Clinically Proven Ingredients
    • Mobilises Your Fat Cells, Then Incinerates Them
    • Targets Belly Fat, Love Handles, Back Fat and Thighs


    In conclusion, success in your body goals, like success in a corporate company, it requires some planning, strategy and commitment. I know that finding the right supplements to fit into your lifestyle and fitness goals can seem overwhelming but do not overthink it. In my opinion, you should start out with structuring a healthy diet and nutrition plan for yourself and if you need help with that I have structured the Shredders Nutrition Weight Loss Program. 

    Following this weight loss program you will be guided through every day of the week towards a leaner, stronger and healthier body. You will get an easy to follow 7 day weight loss meal plan designed to still be filled with flavour & variety that will make it easy for you to stick to, on top of the meal plan you will also be armed with workouts that include HIIT, steady-state cardio, resistance training and metabolic circuits. All the training is easy to follow and will be based off you not requiring any equipment, so you are able to do it at home or the gym with no excuses. Finally you are also armed with how often you should consume "supplement" as well as crusicial timing to take it to get the absolute most out of it.

    Hopefully I have given you a little insight and clarity to how to keep that Mum or Dad bod away.

    Wishing you all a very healthy and happy year ahead!


    The shredded powder is the best fat burner drink ive used

    Daniel January 12, 2021

    The shredded powder is the best fat burner drink ive used

    Daniel January 12, 2021

    The shredded powder is the best fat burner drink ive used

    Daniel January 12, 2021

    Yo I placed an order saturday, when will i get it

    Daren January 11, 2021

    Hey I got the grape shredded in my weight loss stack and I left it in my car and the heat has made it a little clumpy.. I know this isnt your fault or sign of a bad product on your end, I just wanted to know is it still safe to have after it clumped up??

    Mark January 11, 2021

    I must say I am obsessed with the Shredded and the brownies. Since I used them as my weight loss tool I have seen amazing results.
    Keep up the great blogs and info, I am a Huge Fan Of yours!😀

    Jennifer January 11, 2021

    Good read Matty

    Zelco January 11, 2021

    This was good read. I always struggle to keep my snacking under control. Im going to grab the program and fat burner

    Clare and Daryl January 11, 2021

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