Weight loss can be frustratingđŸ˜« Long-term weight loss takes time, patience and safe weight loss requires knowledge!

Weight loss honestly should not be rushed and that's for a variety of reasons.  Extreme rapid weight loss can leave you with flabby loose skin, this is due to the rapid weight loss and the lack of elasticity in the skin...Did you know rapid weight loss can also be dangerous, and did you know it can potentially ruin your metabolism long-term which can cause rebound weight gain if healthy habits are not formed.  

BUT there are some things you can do to help speed up your weight loss in a healthy way. 

First....No shortcuts! I know you want to make it faster, so you would think a short cut would help, but really it's just a waste of time. Instead learn about all the tools you can use and use them all! 

Do not just workout, just diet, just take supplements etc. Instead learn about everything that contributes to healthy weight loss and do it!

Be in a calorie deficit with a healthy meal plan.

Workout, this includes both intense weight training and intense cardio. 

Have the right supplement regimen based on your goals (I talk about this more below)

Lastly try to work on healthy living habits such as daily steps, drinking enough water, meal planning ahead, etc.

As for supplements EVERYONE thinks this leads to weight loss.  Supplements are supplemental to all the factors listed above. The right ones can help the process, help you feel less hungry or have less cravings while dieting, help preserve your muscle while losing body fat, help you recover and sleep better which do get harder as you continue your dieting.

Below are the key supplements needed to help accelerate fat loss, preserve muscle, help recovery, manage physical stress, and cut cravings.


Shredded Thermogenic Burner drink mix powder and Shredded Thermogenic Caps are both amazing fat burners to incorporate in to your weight loss journey as they both drastically enhance the fat burning processes in your body as well as make you feel amazing, block appetite most the day and defeat sweet craving and more...

Amino acids help preserve muscle when in a calorie deficit making sure your body does not burn your muscle as energy but inside goes for fat or carbs.

Superfoods will help you keep feeling your best.  While on a calorie deficit you are eating less, your GI tract is moving less and you may not be getting all the same nutrition.  Detox Greens will help fill in all the gaps so you feel healthy while dieting. 

These are just a few of the most commonly needed supplements while on a fat loss plan.  If you have any questions email me directly for any advice so I personally can help you figure out the right plan for you!


Matthew J Coorey - Shredders Nutrition Founder & CEO




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