We’re so excited to bring this to you real soon..

Expect to see our first issue go live by mid September 2021.

What is Shredders Magazine? 

Shredders Magazine is a FREE bi-monthly essential read for guys and girls who love all things that make a balanced lifestyle. You can expect each issue to be filled with the best information ranging from but not limited to advice on workouts, fat loss, health, nutrition and all things that just make life better.

But Shredders Magazine isn’t just a magazine. It’s the solution for every bit of chaos, confusion, or suffering that the world can inflict on us. 

With each new edition you will also see a new face on the cover ranging from an influencer, corporate CEO to an unsung hero that deserves some recognition.

We are also proud to announce that the magazine has a cover model competition that anyone can enter, stay tuned to learn more from inside our first edition.


I look forward to this launch!!

Varonika August 23, 2021

Just seen your story with this link. Very excited to read over the mag when ready

Mandy August 20, 2021

I love what you guys are doing. Not only are all the products I’ve had taste amazing, they actually do what they say. Now to have you guys doing this free magazine is just another sign that you guys don’t move with the flow.

Jason August 20, 2021

Looking forward to this, especially during lockdown as I’m over seeing same shit on my news feed of chicks uploading ass shots!

Brad August 13, 2021

Sounds interesting and I will definitely be keeping an wye out for the first one. Perhaps you guys can email it to all us subscribers ??

Belinda August 13, 2021

When I heard about Shredders Magazine, I jumped at the opportunity to be a feature. One thing the Fitness industry is lacking is a good magazine outlining so much more than just fitness. I love that this magazine is about LIFE and LIFES HURDLES as well as fitness and other miscellaneous content.

This magazine will benefit a lot more people then just those who are in then ‘fitness industry’ because it has so much more to offer than just fitness tips.

I’m so excited for the first edition, I believe this will be a game changer and something so many people will love reading!

I can’t wait to share my life with you all!

Keep Shredding Fam

C xx

Caitlin Lyndon August 12, 2021

Keen for this

Steve August 12, 2021

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